K-12 Computer Science Standards

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K-12 Computer Science Concepts


Computing Systems

Fostering an inclusive computing culture where students learn to collaborate and communicate. Learning how computer hardware and software work together. Developing skills to troubleshoot problems and find solutions.


Networks and Internet

Understanding how computers communicate and how information is passed around the world. Includes keeping computer systems safe from unauthorized accessed - the discipline of cybersecurity.


Data and Analysis

Data is everywhere. It is important for students to understand how data is stored and how it can be used to draw conclusions and recognize trends and patterns.


Algorithms and Programming

Developing algorithms to solve problems in a language computers can understand. Recognizing how tasks can be abstracted into higher level functions to be used in different programs.


Impacts of Computing

Recognizing the social impact of computing and the importance of developing empathy and thinking about the user when creating computing artifacts. Understanding the laws and ethics of the discipline.


Core Practices

Encouraging innovation and understanding and analyzing problems. Brainstorming solutions and ideas within diverse groups of students results in the opportunity to obtain the best possible solutions.

Over 30 combined years of K-12 classroom experience and over 16 years computer science industry experience.

Lisa Guardino

Lisa Guardino

Lisa has taught elementary and middle school school. In 2014, she welcomed a new role as an eighth grade computer science teacher and instructional technology coach for her K-8 district. In this capacity, she developed a scope and sequence for her district’s computer science course. As a instructional technology coach, Lisa helps teachers integrate computer science into their existing curriculum - modeling lessons, developing materials, and aligning standards. She also has the opportunity to provide site and district level professional development.

MA Curriculum and Instruction ● BA Liberal Studies ● Supplemental Authorization in Computer Concepts and Application ● Writing Project Teacher Consultant ● EdTech Consultant ● Google Certified Educator

Stephanie Allen

Stephanie Allen

Stephanie worked for sixteen years in the the computer science industry. In 2006, she moved into the education space hoping to construct a computer science pathway in her son’s high school. Eleven years later, she follows her passion as a computer science teacher and community college professor. Stephanie specializes in creating high school computer science pathways and new course curriculum. Daily, Stephanie finds joy in motivating her students to become collaborative innovators and problem solvers by creating an inclusive environment to share ideas and be inspired by one another.

MS Software Engineering ● BS Computer Science ● Single Subject Teaching Credential – Mathematics ● Online Instructor Certified ● Google Certified Educator


K12 K-12 Computer Science Standards Stephanie has created one of the most robust and respected high school Computer Science pathways in the State of California. She continually hones her exceptional teaching skills because she is always focused on the most important element of education – the students."

Jared Amalong, California Computer Science Standards Advisory Committee Member, Sacramento County Office of Education

K12 Computer Science Standards Through passion, tenacity, innovation, and collaboration, [Stephanie] created a computer science pathway in our district that engages and motivates students. She has created an environment where students are connected and engaged in meaningful co-curricular opportunities. Such opportunities provide students with access to industry leaders, scholarships, and life-long peer friendships. Her students have a program where they can showcase their technical abilities and creativity.”

Christopher A. Moore, Assistant Superintendent Educational Service, El Dorado Union High School District

K12 Computer Science Standards I would come to any workshop Lisa presented. I have learned more during this workshop than I did in my teacher training program. Lisa was knowledgeable and gracious. I am excited to start school!"

Alicia M., Participant 'Teaching Adolescent Writers', Area 3 Writing Project